Administration Related Forms

MS Form:1 Daily wages labor form
MS G.line:2 Guidelines for Outreach Medical Camp
MS G.line:3 Guidelines for Medical Camps in India
MS G.line:4 Guidelines for Urgent Cases of Infectious Disease
MS Form:5 Staff Transfer Form
MS G.line:6 Guidelines for Theft Cases Observation
MS G.line:7 Guidelines for Special Donation Received
MS G.line:8 Guidelines for Condemned Furnitures
MS G.line:9 Guidelines for Handing and Taking Over while Retirement, Resignation and Termination
MS G.line:10 Guidelines for New Selected Men-Tsee-Ley-Ney Workshop for 3 days
MS G.line:11 Guidelines for New Selected 1 or 2 Men-Tsee-Ley-Ney Workshop for 1 day
MS G.line:12 Guidelines for Voting and Counting
MS Form:13 Sanction for medical treatment (Allopathy)
MS Form:14 Weekly report form of Main Office
MS Form:15 Monthly report form of Branch Clinics
MS G.line:16 Circular regarding wholesale purchase of Mentseekhang herbal products and publication items
MS Form:16 Registration form for Men-Tsee-Khang product on wholesale, except Medicines
MS G.line:17 Guidelines for Selected World Health Day Celebration
MS G.line:18 Guidelines for Items which do not require sanction for the branches
MS Form:19 Staff Retirement Extension Form
MS G.line:20 Guidelines for machinery and furnitures condemned and useless
MS G.line:21 Guidelines for Vehicles and Bikes Sales Circular
MS G.line:22 Guidelines for Cash Memo and Receipt Book Printing
MS G.line:23 Guidelines for Half Yearly and Annual Report for the branches and departments
MS Form:24 Staff Retirement Form
MS G.line:25 Guidelines for Replacement of tyres and parts for vehicles and bikes along with disposal of scraps
MS G.line:26 Guidelines for General Requirement for Consultation Room
MS G.line:27 Guidelines for Special Requirement in the consultation room where number of patients are more than 50 per day
MS G.line:28 Guidelines for General Requirement in Dispenser, Accountant and Patients Waiting Room
MS G.line:29 Guidelines for Opening and Closing of Donation Box
MS G.line:30 Guidelines for Drivers Rules and Regulations
MS Form:30 Vehicles Requisition form
MS G.line:31 Guidelines for Overall Internal Auditing Procedures
MS G.line:32 Guidelines for Classifying the 9 weakest branch among all branches
MS G.line:33 Guidelines for Retirement Rules and Regulations
MS Form: 33 Retired Staff out of stattion for more than 7 days.
MS G.line:34 Guidelines for Mess of Branches and Departments
MS Form:35 Requisition form for filming / Photographing
MS G.line:36 Guidelines for Medicines, Products and Publication regarding shortage, empty container, deteroriated, decayed and expired
MS Form:36 Medicines, Products and Publication regarding shortage, empty container, deteroriated, decayed and expired
MS G.line:37 Guidelines about required conditions cum examination etc for Floating staffs
MS G.line:38 Guidelines about required conditions cum examination etc for Contract staffs
MS Form:39 Amount Receivable within six month form
MS Form:40 Amount Receivable more than six month form
MS G.line:41 Guidelines about Benifits and Half Yearly Reports of Interns
MS Form:41 Intern Attendance report forms
MS Form:42 Amount Payable within six month form
MS Form:43 Amount Payable more than six month form
MS G.line:44 Guidelines of Confidential report on staff by the head of department
MS Form:44 Confidential Report on Staff by the Head of Department
MS Form:45 Staff Transfer Form
MS G.line:46 Guidelines for the disposal of old documents and account related papers
MS Form:47a Staff overtime form more than 10 days
MS Form:47b Staff overtime form upto 10 days
MS Form:48 Construction Starting Form
MS Form:49 Construction Monthly Progress Report Form
MS Form:50 Budget control sanction
MS Form:51 Fund requisition on Special basis
MS G.line:52 Guidelines for ordering slip for Health Record Book
MS Form:52 Order slip for Health record book
MS G.line:53 Guidelines for Men-Tsee-Khang staff entitlement on resignation as per rules and regulations
MS Form:53 Men-Tsee-Khang Staff entitlement on resignation
MS Form:54 Doctor's Annual/ Treatment process report
MS Form:55 Mess Permit form for Guest
MS G.line:56 Guidelines for Required equipment for Tibetan System of External Therapy
MS Form:56 External Therapy Quarterly report form
MS Form:57 Distribution Form for Men-Tsee-Da-sar
MS Form:58 Cash & Bank Balance of branch, M.E shop and wellness center
MS Form:59 Staff Gratuity Payment Form
MS Form:60 Sanction Form of emergency verbally sanctioned
MS Form:61 Book published by publication dept. and selling price fixed by PPP dept form
MS Form:62 30 to 60 days free Medicine form
MS Form:63 Estate: Repair and Renovation form(HO)
MS Form:64 Decision Form for Retirement Quarter
MS G.line:65 Guidelines for Anonymous Donation
MS Form:65 Anonymous Donation ( Donation Box) Form
MS Form:66 MTK creche : Late Pickup Form
MS Form:67 Staff, Contract Staff and Wagers Attendance Form
MS Form:68 Sanction for Book Publication
MS Form:69 Handing and Taking over of billing software data and back up
MS Form :70 Guidelines for claiming TA/DA and other purposes during group official tour
MS Form :71 Tour Sanction Form
MS Form :72 Monthly Report of Joint Clinic Out of India
MS Form :73 Outreach Staff Recommendation from Branch Clinic/Dept. Head