Public Health Intervention

Public Health Intervention is taken as one of the most important means of improving the health care system in the community by this department. Couple of projects that are on the floor:

  1. Diet Book: Diet is considered as one of the important tools in sustaining health as well as treating disease in Tibetan Medicine. This Book shed lights on the Structure & Habitat, Usage, Taste & Nature, Potency and Contraindication of every aspect of diet from the grains to vegetables. The first volume of this dietary book (Potency & Preparation of Vegetables) in both Tibetan and English language has been published by Men-Tsee- Khang in 2004 and 2006 respectively.
  1. Health Education: In order to reach masses, a special program of educating common people about the general health and diseases are initiated by using various media platforms like local newspaper, radio and television.