Personnel Guidelines Forms

MS Form: 201 Next of Kin form
MS G.line: 202 Guidelines for Confidential Report on the Head of Department.
MS Form: 202 Confidential Report on the Head of Department.
MS Form: 203 Casual and Annual Leave application form
MS Form: 204 Sick leave., major sick leave and emergency sick leave form
MS Form: 205 Updating Names of Family members.
MS Form: 206 Staff transfer Application forms
MS G.line: 207 Guideline for Advance
MS Form: 207 Advance forms for Official
MS G.Line: 208 Guidelines for Extension of RC at Dharamsala FRO and Concerned FRO
MS G.line: 209 Guidelines for Rinchen Rilbu Sanction
MS Form: 209 Rinchen Rilbu sanction forms
MS G.Line: 210 Guidelines for Staff DA
MS Form: 210 Staff DA Form
MS Form: 211 Staff Transfer Departure & Arrival Form
MS Form: 212 Patient Consultation based upon Divination
MS Form: 213 Form to submit 3 or more Bills to the account-section
MS Form: 214 Leave without pay form
MS Form: 215 Men-Tsee-Khang Ex Doctor's Medicine order form
MS G.line:216 Guidelines for one hour leave
MS Form: 216 Leave-form-one-hour
MS Form: 217 Security return form
MS Form: 218 Staff & Contract Staff:Application form to attend course/conference
MS Form: 219 College Student's requisition form
MS Form: 220 List of Required documents to be submitted right after the selection for the overseas tour
MS Form: 221 Invitation for doctor and astro science practitioner from universities and govt/private institutes form
MS Form: 222 Staff Undertaking For Men-Tsee-Khang Outreach Tours Abroad
MS Form: 223 Application Form for Spelling Correction and Amendment in Men-Tsee Diploma Certificate
MS Form: 224 Application Form for Spelling Correction and Amendment in the Staff Enrolment Form.
MS Form: 225 100 percent SSS withdrawal form
MS Form: 226 Identity Card for Staff, Contract staff and Wager
MS Form: 227 SSSD part withdrawal to overcome financial problems
MS Form: 228 Abroad outreach tour application form of doctors, tibetan astro science practitioner and adm staff
MS Form : 229 Billing Software Training and Feedback