Herbal Product Research Department

Aims and Evolution of Tibetan Herbal Medicine

The main aim and objective of this department is to preserve and promote the use of natural herbs for the benefit of mankind. It presents and makes aware to common people the use of natural herbal products. To explore non-medicinal and general health care-related products. It is made with great care and respect for the environment. Each new product is thoroughly researched blending modern methods with ancient Tibetan Tradition and natural ingredients.

The Tibetan Medical system is one of the world’s oldest known Medical traditions dating back to such ancient treatments as applying barley residue from Chang (Tibetan beer) to reduce swelling and using melted butter to stem bleeding, applying apricot kernel oil to smoothe the skin, use of Melandrium glandulorium as body perfume, a paste of Trona (washing soda) and Ulmus punila Lin for washing purposes, administration of the mixture of honey, mineral exudate & Acacia catechu to prevent the damage of skin from harsh and cold wind. Use of Sus Scrofa domestica Brisson fat to treat skin cracks, a paste of Capra hircus Linnaeus fat and Arnebia sp. to treat black spots on the face, Butter and Sesamum oil to restore and retain the glorifying effect of the skin. Even animals like Cervus albirostris Przewalski, seek the herbs called Soroseris hookeriana to revive their wound. Likewise avain like Alanda gulgula, applies Coriandrum sativum to bind the crack of an egg’s shell. These similar practices and experiences laid the foundation of the healing science of Tibetan Medicine, which in the course of its progress was enriched and supplemented by many medical practices from other ethnic groups and neighbouring countries, resulting in a culture in possession of a unique medical system.

SORIG, the trademark used for the Tibetan Herbal products produced by Tibetan Medical & Astro. , literally translates as “The Science of Healing”. Human beings are one of the most important beings amongst the six realms of existence. It is said that the human body is formed by the three principal energies and five cosmo-physical elements. The body is said to be in the state of health or free from psychophysiological disorders when the proper alignment of the three principal energies are maintained or in the Dynamic Equilibrium State. Disequilibrium among these three principal energies generated by unwholesome diet, improper lifestyle, seasonal variation as well as the wrath of evil spirits, which influence and disturb the homeostasis of the three energies. The Science of healing therefore involves proper aligning of three principal energies in a dynamic equilibrium state and prolongs life span by reviving weakened body and dispelling the causes that give rise to diseases, supplemented by following proper regimens of diet, lifestyle, medication, rite to rid off the wrath of evil spirits.

The Science of Healing is one of the most important amongst the five major higher sciences and is one of the World’s oldest known medical traditions dating back to 4th Century AD. It has a historical background of more than two thousand years old. It flourished in the land of snow, which is popularly known today as the Roof of the World-Tibet.

Sorig products contain no animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals, time and careful studies were carried out to ensure that original Tibetan recipes that in the past used animal products, were replaced with equally efficacious plant-based alternatives.

Each new product is thoroughly researched, blending modern methods and ancient Tibetan traditions and natural ingredients. Tibetan and non-Tibetan scholars are consulted during this process to assess the quality of natural ingredients and to ensure maximum consumer safety. The formulations are ancient and based on Tibetan pharmacopoeia and manufactured from the finest and purest ingredients under the strict supervision of highly trained and qualified Tibetan pharmacists.

This mix of traditional and medicinal, ancient and modern knowledge, along with the highest quality growing conditions, ensure that Sorig products bring you the most effective naturally based products.
The main aim and objective of this department is to keep and preserve the knowledge of secret natural health and beauty remedies for the benefit of mankind and also make aware to the common people’s use of natural herbs.