CSRSR has been undertaking herbal plantations to support the need for raw materials in terms of dry or fresh herbs for compounding Sowa-Rigpa medicines. In these times of rapid development and profit investment era, many of the medicinal herbs which have tremendous effects on disease treatment and preventive measures are now getting extinct and becoming endangered due to over-harvesting for-profit manufacturing by those big pharmaceutical companies worldwide and especially in India. 

With the growing demand for these medicinal herbs in the national and international markets, the extinction of these plants is likely to occur in the long run. Thus we also focused on the conservation of these medicinal plants to reduce their extinction in the wild in the best way we can.

Moreover, it is the core responsibility of these institutions to compensate for the loss of herbs in the wild by growing them in the herbarium and other self-sustained plantation projects. In this regard, CSRSR has been planting various medicinal herbs to become self-sufficient without depending much on market raw materials and other sources for compounding Sowa-Rigpa medicines since due to profit-ridden motive most of these market raw materials have adulteration in some kind or inferior in potency. Therefore, we intend to supply those harvested raw materials and herbs from our plantation to other institutions compounding Sowa-Rigpa medicines.

From 2016-2017, we planted over 17 different herbs ranging from Tinospora cordifolia to Triphala. Most of these herbs are very much used in compounding Sowa-Rigpa medicines and therefore, we plant more of these raw materials to encourage buying less from the market and to produce more from plantation in order to achieve superior quality and efficacy of those potential herbs.

We always endeavor to grow our plantation project into a wider area where we can plant various herbs for multiple purposes that research, study, and compound medicines.