Common pills.

This department produced 172 different medicines of three different forms.

1. Decoction.
It is used in the beginning phase of illness, and to ripened the fever or to differentiate the nature of illness. It gives fast result. And generally it prevents and treats cold and influenza.
Four different types of decoctions are produced from this department.

2. Powder.
It is gives faster result than pills and it is used after decoction. Eighteen different types of powders are produced from this department.

3. Pills.
It is especially effective in chronic disorders. Small pills can swallow it and bigger one pills should be chewed. One hundred and fifty different pills are produced from this department.

In addition to this entire product department also produce some religious purpose items such as;
1. Bumzed 25
2. Klu-men.
3. Men-che.
4. Zang-drug chema.

Precious pills.

Eight different precious pills are produced from this department.
1.Rinchen Drangjor Rilnag Chenmo.
2.Rinchen Ratna Samphel.
3.Rinchen Tsajor Chenmo.
4.Rinchen Mangjor Chenmo.
5.Rinchen Tsotru Dhashel.
6. Rinchen Yunying25.
7.Rinchen Jumar25.
8.Rinchen Chakril Chenmo.