Compilation of Old Manuscripts

Repeated attempts with an extensive excursion was done to procure old manuscript from various sources such as monasteries and libraries, which has Buddhist influences,  around the countries to restore ancient manuscripts and also to preserve those which are in the danger of going untraceable. Individuals who are known to possess rare manuscript are requested to bring them in for this noble cause. Apart from it, attempts are also made to explore and gather information about all texts that has been published till date. Archives of synopsis and other publication details are carefully catalogued on the literary pieces that have been successfully gathered. Investigation is done to trace the whereabouts of some important texts which are not available in our time.

Documentation of Articles

Any pieces of work on Tibetan Medicine and Astrology, which appears in any form such as journals, periodicals, magazines, online articles, advertisement, seminaries and interview excerpts, are closely watched and documented. The blending of traditional Tibetan practitioners with modern education gives an opportunity to interpret and compare traditional Tibetan sciences in parallel with other traditions as well. This pursuit helps to find a norm on the usage of terms so that a certain level of standardization could be achieved.

Revival and Preservation of Rituals

There are many rituals which are considered very important in the practice of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. To better understand the purpose of such traditions and the lineages of various rituals, a serious study of gathering information and going deeper analysis into the significance of such practices are made by actively engaging with individuals who possess these traditional instruction and transmissions.