This amulet of “Yellow Wheel of Manjushri” (Jamyang Serkhor) or the “Wheel of Quad-Birth” (Kyepa-Shiden) is a general all-purpose amulet and useful for preventing all kinds of obstacles including those like accidents, negative energies, harmful evil-sprits etc. This amulet is a readymade one and can be used by anyone for every purpose. The amulet should be used by either wearing around the neck or keeping in houses, shops, cars, motor-cycle etc.


This special all-purpose amulet is made on the basis of individual date of birth and can be used for every purpose. It protects you from all kinds of evil and negative energies. This amulet can be worn around the neck or be kept along with oneself.

The special amulet for specific purposes

There are special amulets for specific purposes such as to enhance the weak elements of life-force, health, wealth and luck of oneself and between thepartners. Special amulets are also there to block away the negative effects of the malefic astrological year formations like seventh-removed sign (bdun-zur), forth-removed sign (bzhi-gshed), multiple of nine (dgu-mig) and tomb-sign (dur-mig). These amulets need to be prepared on the basis of individual’s date of birth and gender (male/female). The amulets should be used either wearing around the neck or by keeping along with oneself.

The special amulet for obstacle years

This amulet is aimed for those individuals who have reached the obstacle years of 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85 etc according to the Tibetan calendar. Obstacle years are nothing but when individual’s birth year sign matches the year sign of the present year. This special amulet should be either worn around the neck or be kept along with oneself.  

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