Quality Control Department

This section was set up to 2002 under Herbal Product Research Department. Later in 2009 it was extended and shifted to new premises at Pharmaceutical Department.

Aims and Objectives

1. To control the quality of crude drugs, medicine and herbal healthcare products produced from Men-Tsee-Khang.
2. To establish monographs of medicines, Sorig healthcare products, and raw materials to assure its quality.
3. To maintain standardize production of medicines and herbal health products.

Important factors of Quality Control

i. Sampling of raw materials, identification of adulterants, check contamination during process, and analysis to maintain standards of raw materials and finished products.
ii. Quality analysis performed through Traditional Tibetan medicine and modern scientific methods.
iii. Consistency in formulation of medicines and herbal healthcare products by analyzing the crude ingredient and maintaining uniform manufacturing protocol.

Finished Products

Tibetan Medicines and Sorig Herbal Healthcare products

The Pharmaceutical Department of Men-Tsee-Khang produces nearly 170 different recipes/drugs of Tibetan medicine based on the prevalence of diseases and Herbal Product Research Department produces nearly 43 variants of Sorig Healthcare products ranging from health tonic supplements to varieties of health drinks meant for the different disorders due to the disequilibrium of three principle humors, different types of lotion, skincare creams based on the nature of one’s skin, massage oil, and etc.

The Traditional Tibetan Pharmacopoeia is available only in the form of ancient Tibetan medical text. Quality Assurance Laboratory, Men-Tsee-Khang has taken an initial step in making a contemporary Tibetan Herbal Formulation Pharmacopoeia which facilitates availability and practice of Tibetan Medicine to the wider human kind. Besides, in order to build a confidence in the Tibetan by providing information on the safety and quality of the Tibetan medicine supported by scientific basis.

Nearly 70 monographs of Tibetan Medicine are at the completing stage and draft monographs of Tibetan Medicine are published in the form booklet in two volumes.  

Raw materials

The monographs of individual crude drugs of Tibetan medicine are available in various form books authored by different scholar of Tibetan Medicine. The most widely used are Shel-Phreng and Dhutso-Menkyi khrungpae which clearly elucidated the synonyms, taste, nature, potency, macroscopic characteristics, habitat and therapeutic value of individual crude drugs.

In order to ensure quality control, quality assurance and safety of Tibetan medicine, the quality of crude drugs / raw materials need to be monitored in a stringent manner. Standardization of crude drugs is prima important for the entire manufacturing unit.