Tibetan Calendar 2024 Wood-Dragon Year

Bodhisattva Chenrézig (Avalokitesvara), one of the eight close sons of the Buddha Shakyamuni, is the compassion manifestation of all Buddhas in the ten directions and the patron deity of us, the Tibetans. The physical emanations can be seen manifested in both pacified and wrathful forms. In the pacified avatar, we have the One-face two-armed Lokeshvara, One-face four-armed figure, Simhanada (the lion’s roar), Amoghapasa (The Meaningful Lasso), Chittavishramana (Resting in the Nature of Mind), Thousand-armed thousand-eyed with buddha Amitabha as the jewel crown, and so forth. In the wrathful one, there is Hayagriva (the horse-headed), Chakrasamvara (the wheel of supreme bliss), Mahakala (the dark well-endowed), and so forth. In the traditions, the emanations can be counted around fifty summing up both the pacified and wrathful forms. For the cessation of illnesses, famine, wars, and disputes of our contemporary world, and as this world – the fundamental basis of all our civilizations and our only breathing space – suffers a great decline in the natural environment, may there be restorations. May the truth prevail soon for our Tibetan cause and there be the enjoyment of spirituality, prosperity, and happiness. As the basis for the accumulation of lasting merit, the Astro-Department is publishing this thangka on the wall-hanging calendar.