In 1990 this department established new Herbarium for collection of Tibetan medical plants specimens as well as sample of gems and mineral from Western Himalayans of Kashmir, Ladakh, Lahul & Spiti and Eastern Himalayan of Sikkim, Nepal and Tropical regions of sub-continent of India Western and Eastern Ghats. The herbarium hoards collection of hundreds and thousands of Tibetan medicinal plants collected during medicinal explorations, which was conducted every year according to particularly season. Herbarium is basis to provides authenticity of medicinal in their natural habitats and for further research and analyzed their inherent potency and tastes.
The medicinal plants identified through traditional systems are also analyzed through the Modern quality control analytical techniques. The aim of such stringent quality control is:

Documentation on quality as a result of GMP including quality control.

  • The qualitative and quantities composition of all ingredients
  • The manufacturing process
  • Quality control process
  • Quality control of the starting material
  • Quality control of intermediate
  • Quality control of the finished product

Stability testingThis united recently shifted to Pharmaceutical Department but materia medica department also undertakes the role on its responsibilities.