Educational tour to South Korea

29th Oct to 3rd Nov-A Team of 4 members, including Dr. Rigzin Sangmo, head of the Research & Development department; Dr. Penpa, head of the Pharmacy Department; Mrs. Tenzin Norlha, Head of the Quality Control Assurance department; and Mr. Tenzin Datse, head of the High Altitude Medicinal plant cultivation department were invited by Prof. Dong Hee Kim of  Daejeon University and Ven. White Crane to explore Korean traditional medicine and its knowledge exchange with the Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine. Men Tsee Khang is indeed thankful to them for the invitation and for sponsoring the travel and stay expenses of the team.

29th Oct 2023: Ven. White Crane and Miss Kim Ji Eun heartily welcomed the MTK team members at the Incheon International Airport. They were taken on a tour to Jogyesa temple, the chief temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, followed by a visit to Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Museum.

30th Oct 2023: The 4-member team visited the Himalaya Ayurvedic Bio Tec factory at Jeollanamdo, where Korean herbal drinks are manufactured. They were invited to visit Jeollanamdo agricultural research and extension services in the afternoon. Mr. An Ho Sub, a researcher there, explained the hi-tech facilities of the plantation through scientific equipment. Dr. Kim Kil Ja invited the team to her mushroom cultivation and research facilities. Team members gained knowledge of advanced techniques of cultivation.

31st Oct 2023: The team visited Daejeon Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University. Dr. Myung Hyun Yim gave a presentation on her research paper, followed by a group discussion about Korean medicine and Sowa-Rigpa medicine. Our team then went to Daejeon University, where Prof. Dong Hee Kim gave a presentation on his research paper, followed by a university tour. In appreciation, the team members presented souvenirs to Prof Dong Hee Kim and Ven. White Crane, on behalf of Men Tsee Khang, for making this tour successful and fruitful.

1st Nov 2023: KIOM, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, invited the team to discuss Korean Oriental medicine and the Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine practiced in Men Tsee Khang. Men Tsee Khang extends appreciation to all the KIOM members who participated in the meeting.

2nd Nov 2023: With the help of Prof. Dong Hee Kim, the members were able to visit NIKOM, the National Institute for Korean Medicine Development, and get an opportunity to discuss how Korean medicines are developed and where the Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine is practiced. Team members would like to thank all the NIKOM members who participated in the meeting.