Rite to ransom the vital principle as part of long life prayer offering to His Holiness

His Holiness the Great 14th Dalai Lama turns 90 as per the Tibetan year calculation on the most auspicious 5th lunar day of the 5th Tibetan lunar month of Wood-Dragon year, which happens to be June 11, 2024. On this blessed day, Men Tsee Khang, along with Former CTA Staff and Former Security Fraternity, will offer a Grand Long Life prayer to His Holiness. As part of our preparation, the Great Dharma King Nechung, the Chief State Oracle of Tibet, was invoked on October 27 and as per the divination, one of the preparatory offerings was to engage in life-saving activities (Sok-lu). Following this, it was decided that each of the three participating teams would engage in sok-lu of at least 50 sheep. 

On the spiritually significant 8th lunar day of the 11th Tibetan lunar month, sok-lu of 125 sheep were performed in Jangthang, Ladakh jointly by Men Tsee Khang and the Former Security Fraternity. For the occasion, Men Tsee Khang was represented by staffs from our Ladakh Branch Clinic, and the sheep were then marked with identifiable colors. The caretaking family promised to look well after them so that these 125 sentient beings enjoy a life free from the fear of slaughterhouses. For the conclusion, as Mipham Rinpoche said: 

From the auspiciousness of good acts performed, 

May the Guru live long and stable, 

May his glorious activities spread into ten directions, 

And May all the aspirations be fulfilled!