2024 Men-Tsee-Khang Europe Outreach Tour

This year’s Men-Tsee-Khang Europe Outreach Tour took place from May 1 to June 4, 2024. A three-member team led by Tenzin Loden (Tibetan Astro-Science practitioner), Dr. Kunga Jigme (Tibetan Medical Practitioner), and Tashi Namgyal (Support Staff), the tour spanned four countries and five different locations over 35 days.

The primary goal of the tour was to promote and share the innate wisdom of Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-Science with a wider audience through doctor consultations, astrological consultations, lectures, and workshops. Additionally, the tour provided an opportunity to introduce and share our range of Sorig products and amulets with interested communities and individuals.

The first stop was in Frankfurt at Tibethaus Deutschland (Tibet House, Germany) from May 1 to 5. Besides the consultation program, an introductory lecture on Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Astro-Science was held on the evening of May 3, followed by workshops on May 4. The second stop was in Switzerland from May 6 to 12. The team conducted a day-long consultation program at the Tibetan Community office in Zurich Binz on May 7, and made their presence in the 9th Annual Maha Guru Bumtsok in Samstagern from May 8 to 11. The final program in Switzerland was held in Rapperswil-Jona on May 12.

From May 13 to 19, the team was at Kailash Tibethaus. Consultation programs were held on weekdays from May 14 to 17, followed by a series of talks and discussions on various topics and illnesses starting on the evening of May 17. From May 20 to 26, consultation programs were conducted in Paris at Le Petit Tibet restaurant. The final leg of the tour was at Casa Del Tibet in Barcelona from May 27 to June 4, with a week full of consultation programs and a day-long workshop on Tibetan Astro-Science on June 1.

During the tour, a total of 282 doctor consultations and 58 astrological consultation services were provided. Additionally, five talks and one workshop on Tibetan Medicine, and three talks and two workshops on Tibetan Astro-Science were conducted. An interview with the RFA Tibetan section was also included.

In making this outreach tour a reality and successful, so many helping hands and support were rendered with sheer kindness and positivity. Men-Tsee-Khang offers its sincerest gratitude to each one of the following individuals. TIBETHAUS DEUTSCHLAND: Thoesam Rinpoche (Cultural Director); SWITZERLAND: Tibetan Community in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and in particular Drongpatsang Ngedun Gyatso la (President), Kangrang Kalsang Namgyal la (Vice-President), Karma Choekyi la (member and former president), Pema Tscho Yangchen la (member), Kanam Dewa la (member) and Razatsang Monlam la (member). Reting Lobsang Tsering la (former MTK staff) and Dr. Tashi Mechokpa (former MTK staff) KAILASH TIBETHAS, FREIBURG: Wilfried Pfeffer (Director and founder). PARIS: Tibetan Association of France and in particular, Karma Thinlay (President), Gyal Wangdi (Vice President), and Norsang la (member). Le Petit Restaurant (Tsetan la, Palmo la, and Lobsang la). Tashi Dawa la (former MTK staff). CASA DEL TIBET, BARCELONA: Ven. Thupten Wangchen la (Director), Ringzing Dolma la, Ngawang Topgyal la, Marta Enguita, and Pau Nubiola.