Director’s official tour to Ahmedabad & Delhi

& During their official tour to Ahmedabad, MTK director, Mr. Thupten Tsering and branch department head, Mr. Ngawang Chemi, met up with Mr. Manoj Vadodara, sponsor of the branch clinic, along with the resident doctor, Dr. Tenzin Tsomo and the secretary of the branch clinic, Ms. Phurbu Dolma on the 20th of this month on 20th July. Later, when they reached Delhi, the director and Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang, head of the Nizamuddin branch clinic, paid a visit to Adv. Ram Mohan, Adv. Arun Mohan and their secretary.

On 24th July, the director, Dr. Chemi Dolker, resident doctor of the Nizamuddin branch clinic, and Mr. Tashi Namgyal, head of the Samyeling, Majnu ka Tilla branch clinic had the opportunity to greet Dr. Jayant Deopurjari, chairman, NCISM; Prof. Rakesh Sharma, president, BERISM; Dr. K. Jagannathan, president, BUSS and Dr. Raghurama Bhatta U., President of MARBISM at their respective offices.

Mr. Thupten Tsering also met the next day, Sri Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, and Mr. Rahul Sharma, I.A.S. Joint secretary, to thank them for their support.

Concluding his tour in Delhi, the director, Mr. Thupten Tsering, addressed the gathering of the Staff of the Rohini branch clinic, Nizamuddin branch clinic, Majnu ka Tilla branch clinic, and Kalkaji MTK Delhi Export branch at the Nizamuddin branch clinic.